Field School facilitation in Viet Nam

The first two weeks of January were spent in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Hanoi and Da Nang, facilitating the Museum Studies field course, which is an option for UQ postgraduate students. 10 students from the course in Brisbane combined with 10 museum professionals from museums and heritage places in Viet Nam.

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Miles Interpretation Project 2013

To help deliver the essential consistent and coherent graphic design element of the project, we are excited to announce that Adrian Anderson, an experienced professional and a seasoned graphic designer and techspert within a variety of industries, has agreed to come on board as Timeline's new Creative Director.

Our initial site visit in February 2013 allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the Village site as well as develop working relationship with Village Committee members Kerry Mulholland (President) and Kylie Bourne (Vice President). We had some good press coverage following this visit. At this visit we made a final selection of the significant objects which will be a part of the project and started to consider the requirements for their redisplay. Research files for each object have been opened and the knowledgeable volunteer staff at the Village were very helpful, by providing access to the Village archive.



Miles Significant Collection Interpretation 2013

The Miles project is the first stage of a re-interpretation of the Miles Historical Village operation, based on an Interpretation Plan Report which was funded by a Museums & Galleries Services Queensland Standards Program Grant. Timeline carried out the Interpretation Plan in 2011.


As planned, in this first stage, we have selected the 6 most significant objects identified in the Significance Statement and will redisplay these with accompanying graphic panels which will help to explain the stories waiting to be told about these real objects. 

Content developed for the interpretation of the significant objects will also be utilised in a new Village booklet, to be sold in the shop, as well as being made available in more detail online.

Artefact Audit

During early July 2012 we spent three days in Maryborough carrying out a first pass audit on an artefact collection held by local government body, Fraser Coast Regional Council.

It's interesting to note that many similar objects seem to be collected over the years. These are usually the high monetary value objects, such as typewriters, cash tills, record players, radios and stationary engines. It is a lesson for modern collectors that other less valuable items do not get collected, creating a non-representative sample of the past. In addition many of these items have no documented provenence, so it is difficult to explain to 'visitors' the reason why it has been preserved.

Women's history

Over the past year we have been working on a strategic direction project with the Queensland Women's Historical Association in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. The home of the organisation is a beautiful period Queenslander, constructed of timber with cast iron decorations. Timeline has proposed a way forward that includes celebrating the achievements of Queensland women up to the present day. One of the elements of work was a Succession Plan. Our approach aims to attract new people by defining the various roles and responsibilities required for the organisation to operate, in the hope that new volunteers will see that the positions are not an overly onerous burden. We look forward to continuing to work with QWHA as they implement their new Vision. 

Have a look at the QWHA website for Miegunyah House and if you are in Brisbane on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday (10.30-3.30), drop in for a guided tour and a cup of tea on the verandah.Miegunyah House Museum

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