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Glenrowan Siege Site, 2010

Dig International


A large scale excavation project site in Glenrowan, Victoria. Working alongside archaeological colleagues for Adam Ford's Dig International ( The Ann Jones Inn site is famous as the location of the siege of the Kelly Gang. Only an injured Ned Kelly survived the siege but was later tried and hung at the Old Melbourne Jail.

The excavation concentrated on finding evidence of the siege within the remains of the burnt-out first inn and two subsequent buildings. Despite 'souveniring', we succeeded in locating lead bullets, cartridge cases and percussion caps which helped to map the events that unfolded on the day of the siege.

The archaeological dig was filmed and featured in a television documentary Ned Kelly Uncovered, presented by Tony Robinson and broadcast by the ABC ( The project delivered a better understanding of this important historical event, but the debate continues as to whether Ned Kelly himself was hero or villain.


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